The latest in new products, events and all around happenings in S scale.
S scale has been steadily adding several types of modern rolling stock. Here are some of the products currently available.

S Scale America

FMC 5,283 cubic foot double door Box Cars
FMC 5,347 cubic foot single door Box Cars
PS 5344 50' Box Cars
53' Evans Box Cars
3 Bay ACF Hoppers
Gunderson Husky Stack Cars
Avialable for the Gunderson cars:
48' Containers for Husky Stack Cars  
53' Containers for Husky Stack Cars

All S Scale America products are available from Hoquat Hobbies at http://www.hoquathobbies.com/DPH/RS/DPHFreight.htm

Iron Rail Models

The line of modern tank cars begun by Rusti Models has been taken up by Iron Rail Models at http://ironrailmodels.com/

They have several new prototypes available including
8000-10000 gallon
20000-23000 gallon
33000 gallon
May 4 - 5, 2012