Like a lot of S scalers who got their start with American Flyer, I garnered a lot of Plasticville structures. They were originally aimed at
both S and O gauge layouts. But, what do you do with them when you move away from the AF and become a scale modeler. I suppose
a lot of them end up on Ebay, but my collection was pretty fragmented and I had lost all the boxes they came in. Since I love to add
structures to the PWRR, I long ago began to look at the Plasticville items with an eye on using them somehow on my scale layout. I
hope that as I reveal the ways I used whole structures or parts of structures that the reader can get some ideas. I'd like to hear from
the folks out there who have made creative use of Plasticville on their own layouts.

Don't Get Rid of That Plasticville.
by Roy Hoffman
Here are four houses in use. The chimneys and shutters have special paint. There are two ranch houses and two
different styles of 2-story house.
Independence Hall is the basis for this court house.
The columns are wedding cake decorations.
The hospital was turned into a pharmaceutical building
after some special paint was applied and a flat roof put
The Signal Bridge always looked good. The legs have
been shortened from their O gauge height.
The factory makes a nice little factory when touched
up a bit. It was given a flat roof.
Here's two signal bridges that were spliced together.
A beat up freight platform got special paint and a
custom built shed.
A water tower with special paint and a Lehigh Valley
Models spout.
The switch tower with special paint.
Two switch towers spliced together with a special
The turnpike interchange converted from the
"Plasticville" turnpike to the Pennsylvania Tpk.
Notice that it takes EZPass.