S scalers have often used Walthers Cornerstone Series HO structures on their layouts. The trick is to look for certain things
like the distance between stories, size of windows and footprint. I was recently visiting a great hobby shop, Mainline Hobbies
in Blue Ridge Summit, PA near Gettysburg and Ft. Richie, MD. In their consignment section was a Walthers kit for their series
of waterfront structures. It was the Municipal Pier Terminal. They offered 2/3 off on the price, so I took a chance. I was very
pleased with the result. The PWRR now has a nice pier terminal for the Delaware River waterfront.  As usual, the doorways are
too short for S people. I had to make one modification because I wanted to run box cars into the building.  I had to take about  
3/8ths of an inch from the bottom of the gray window over the doorway to accommodate S box cars.
This is another HO kit
that I would recommend to S scalers.