There are three companies that handle food distribution. The Campbell Soup Co., Angelo Bova
Produce and Camden Produce, Co. All three need reefers to transport their goods to the PWRR in
Philadelphia via a car ferry. The first stop for the empty reefers is the Atsan Ice Co. This was a
Whiteground kit based on the famous John Allen Atsan Ice Co. Once loaded with ice, the cars make
their way to one of the three aforementioned food companies.  
The Campbell Soup Co. has been established in Camden for a long time because of the close
proximity to the excellent NJ tomato crop. It brings the raw produce in on trucks and ships the
finished food products, mainly soup, to Philadelphia via a PWRR car ferry. Frozen food ships on
reefers and canned food on box cars. It requires these cars as empties. They are provided by
Conrail yards in South Jersey. The building is based on a Korber HO kit.
The Angelo Bova Produce Co. is a large food distributor and requires empty reefers to load and ship
to the PWRR in Philadelphia. The building on the left is a Lehigh Valley Models kit and the building on
the right was built from scratch from plans in the Model Railroader magazine.
The Camden Produce Co.,  is a small shipper of produce. They require an empty reefer to ship to
Philadelphia via the PWRR car ferry. The building is actually part of the backdrop.
Next to Camden lies Collingswood, NJ. Along the PATCO High Speed Line was some industries
including the Peter Lumber Co. The complex was scratch built from photos taken of the site.
The company takes shipments of lumber in.
The Alpha Printing CO.,  is part of the backdrop for Camden. They take in raw supplies for printing
via box cars.
The Mohrfeld Fuel Co., of Collingswood, NJ is a fuel oil distributor. They take oil deliveries via the
PWRR car ferry from refineries in Philadelphia.

There's a 2' X 16' switching section of the PW that represents the operations of the New Jersey
From the above data we can put together the necessary car cards and waybills to effectively
carry out operations.