Lehigh Valley Models was originated by Frank Titman. Frank is a legendary S scaler whose Spiral Hill Railroad remains a true
inspiration to all model railroaders. The LVM kits are mainly wood, cardboard and paper with necessary metal castings and
other miscellaneous parts. By doing so many of them and strictly adhering to Franks clear instructions and drawings, I not
only obtained beautiful S scale structures, but learned many model building techniques which have served me well in my own
scratchbuilding efforts. Frank has handed off the business after many years and the kits can be obtained today from dealers
such as
Hoquat Hobbies.  The Mid-East Region of the NMRA wrote a nice history of LVM for its "Made in the MER" series.
So let's begin a journey through several of the kits that  I've built over the course of 28 years.

Through the Years with Lehigh Valley Models     by Roy Hoffman
This was one of the first kits I did way back in the 1980's. It's
an anthracite mine typical of NE Pennsylvania. The entire mine
complex is made up of 3 separate kits:
LVM14 - Coal Breaker
LVM15 - Mine Head
LVM16 - Powerhouse (on the left)
LVM04 is a Produce Company (Angelo Bova)
LVM07 - Continental Canning Co. You can run box cars right
through it.
LVM19 is a great little Elevated Crossing Shanty
LVM21- Water Tower is based on a Reading RR prototype.
Two kits to service steam:
LVM22 - 300 Ton Concrete Coaling Station
LVM42 - Sand House
LVM24 - Row House
I'm using it in one of my Philadelphia neighborhoods.
LVM38 - Corregated Box Co.
One of Frank's last kits
LVM28 - Bulk Oil Depot - I had two converted American Flyer Mobilgas tank cars which made the choice of oil distributors easy.
LVM48 - Gantry Crane
At home on the Delaware River waterfront