To an S scaler the Walthers Flyers are most suitable for the bottoms of bird cages. However, since I'm on their mailing list, I
skim through the flyers looking for anything useful for S. Lo and behold I noticed that the venerable Heljan Brewery is back. S
Scalers have been using them for years since the window sizes and placement and overall footprint works very well with S
layouts. The size is listed at: 26" X 7 3/5" X 22".

Several years ago. I built one and still use it as a paint factory on the Penn Western.
You do have to be careful to get the one designated as HO only and not HO/N which is the same unit, but smaller. I made
that mistake at a train show. I managed to use some of it as a Pepsi Distributor. Be sure to check to see if the kit matches
the above dimesions.
This is one HO structure that I can highly recommend.  It lends itself to many interesting kitbashings. Don't be
surprised to see it on several S scale layouts.