Making Trees from Furnace Filters
Recently I came across a method for making trees out of furnace filters. I've been experimenting with
making deciduous and conifer trees as well as hedgerows and trees suitable for my background. I'll
share the techniques that I came up with.
For the trunks I use pointed skewers for small trees and wood dowels for larger trees. The dowels
should be sharpened at one end. They can be painted a darker brown.
I purchased the furnace filter material from Wal-Mart at $4.17. This particular sample came in green.
Here's what it looks like from the package.
The reverse side has backing that easily pulls
For a conifer tree, you cut a series of squares
in decreasing sizes.
Here's a square piece with the backing pulled
Next, the corners are rounded off with
Then, you pull the square apart making lots of
Now you are ready to construct an evergreen
Apply some white glue to the dowel or
skewer and slide the largest square to the
Keep adding the graduated squares.
All the squares are in place.
When the paint drys, douse the tree with
spray adhesive or hairspray.
Sprinkle the tree with flocking material.
Here's a finished tree on the layout with
some Super Trees.
The same techniques will work for
deciduous trees. Just make the squares
more uniform.
Here's a complete deciduous tree.
To make a hedge, cut a long rectangular
piece from the furnace filter material.
You can spray the branches with a medium
brown at this point.
After spray painting it, flock it. You could
start with a darker green and use the
lighter green to represent new growth
Here are two hedges on the layout.
For putting a tree on the background
scenery, cut a circle out of the filter. Don't
pull it apart, but stretch it out lengthwise.
This keeps it nice and flat to go against the flat

                              Bill of Materials

Furnace filter material – “Natural Aire” @ Walmart
Wood skewers and dowels of various diameters
White glue        
Spray paint – Brown and green        
Spray adhesive or hair spray
Flocking material
Wire cutters – For trimming or sharpening dowels