We begin our journey at the
Harrisburg end. The
scenery contains the
Susquehanna River and the
PA state capitol.
We progress to the PA
countryside which includes
farmland, mountains and
the Northeast PA coal
mining region.
The scenery is painted in acrylics
on canvas boards and on and off
took over 20 years to complete.  
The panels cover a total of 80
feet and were begun in 1981 in
New Jersey.
We're at the anthracite
region of Northeast PA. The
historic Starrucca Viaduct
is pictured at the right
At the foot of Big Round
Top, there's a Civil War
reenactment in progress.
The scene shifts to real
scenery as we hit Blue
Mountain in Central PA. The
mountain is mostly Hydrocal
over shopping bags.
After the tunnel, the
scenery shifts back to
painted background.