A great work of art is that which moves and touches one's spirit and adds to one's experience of
the world, but does not impose on one's values. It lets one take from it what one wants or needs.
(Maritza Burgos)

Our club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the months of September, October, and November,
(skipping December) and January, February, March, April and May. We meet at the Grove Family
Library (101 Ragged Edge Road) in Chambersburg, PA from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Our programs are free
and open to the public, one need not be a member to attend. We offer presentations and critiques
of interest to creative artists and photographers.

FCAA October Meeting – October, 2011

Those of us who braved the rain were rewarded with a dynamic and informative oil demonstration.
Our presenter does large, on site, plein air paintings. She invited us to join in the demo by taking
turns painting, and critiquing our group effort as we went along. She told us to start with the
structure of the painting, step back and look as we develop it. Work from big decisions to smaller
ones, and above all, “Have Fun!”. And we did!

November 2011, FCAA Meeting

We had another great program this month. Presenter Kate Reynolds demystified paper making for
us, showed how various fibers affect the paper surfaces. She had two pulp vats set up, and we all
made paper! It was a new experience for most of us I'm sure, but we really enjoyed it. She also
showed us some of the works that she has made, very neat stuff.

January 11th 2012

Gettysburg artist John Winship gave us a generous critique of our work this month.
February 13 - Demonstration in etching techniques by Lynda Beckwith

The February 13th meeting will feature a demonstration of etching techniques by Mercersburg
artist Lynda Beckwith. Beckwith first became interested in etching when she took a class in 1981
to just try it out. Between moving around a good bit and working full time she didn’t have a lot of
time to pursue printmaking for several years but continued to draw and paint. She enjoyed
printmaking so much that in 1994 she began working with dry point on Plexiglas plates using an
old washer ringer for a press, which achieved reasonable results. When she began working with
the Penn’s Woods Printmakers in 2004 she was able to hone her skills and learn new techniques
under the guidance of Penn’s Woods mentor, Sue Frotscher, and from her fellow printmakers.
Lynda’s works will be on display along with the other members of the Penn’s Woods
Printmakers during the 11th Annual IceFest in down town Chambersburg.

March 13 - Critique of members works

April 10 - Presentation by Brad Clever

May 8 - Demonstration in watercolor by Pat Weneck

June 14-20 - FCAA Annual Exhibit at Calvary UM Church