Alliance Art Show 2012

The Franklin County Art Alliance presented over $1000 in awards at the opening reception of its
41st Annual Exhibition. 332 works by 90 artists were judged by Kevin Lenkner and Mindy
Christian of Yorkarts, York, PA.

The judges selected works to receive over 50 awards, and at the ceremony attended by over one
hundred visitors. Art Alliance Show Chair Anne Finucane presented the Northwood Books Best
of Show award to Donna Bingaman of Waynesboro for her portrait Sierra’s Ballerina Slippers.

The Hickman Automotive Award for 1st place in the Oil Still Life Category was presented to
Bingaman for her Copper Pot & Fruit. 2nd place in Oil Still Life was awarded to Anne Gobin of
McConnellsburg, for Still Life with Onions, and 3rd place in Oil Still Life was earned by Linda Best
of Fort Loudon for Don’t Use Black.

The Godfrey Biehl Award for 1st place in Oil Landscape was presented to Cindy Baker
(Chambersburg) for Morning Sparkle on the Conococheague.  2nd place in Oil Landscape was
earned by Anne Gobin of McConnellsburg for Quiet Stream, and 3rd place, by Mary Hickman of
Shippensburg, for her March Light.

The Louise Mowrey Award for 1st place in Watercolor Still Life was presented to Kent Roberts of
Shippensburg for Singing Bowls. 2nd place was awarded to Mary Hickman of Shippensburg for
her watercolor At the Hotel. 3rd place was earned by Janet Semerano of Fayetteville for her Tea

The Towne Framing of McConnellsburg Award for 1st place in Watercolor Landscape was
presented to Glen Sabetto of Fort Loudon for Farm in the Valley. 2nd place was earned by Ruth
Durbin of Fayetteville for Field of Flowers, and 3rd place, by Jeff Barnhart of Chambersburg for
California House.

The American Frame Award for 1st place in Pastel was awarded to Jeff Barnhart of
Chambersburg for his City Park, Oaxaca, Mexico.  2nd was earned by Linda Mosemann of
McConnellsburg, for Carroll Valley and 3rd place, by Barnhart, for San Miguel, Mexico.

The All Occasion Florist Award for 1st place in Florals was earned by Carol Rinehart of
Fayetteville for Becoming.  2nd place was awarded to Evie Cook of Waynesboro for her Elegant
Triplets, and 3rd place, to Deborah Strand-Miller of Chambersburg for her Blooming Geranium

The Wallspace Gallery & Framing Award for 1st place in Portraits was presented to Kent Roberts
of Shippensburg for his portrait Smilin’ Jack.  2nd place was earned by Donna Bingaman of
Waynesboro, and 3rd place, by Cindy Smith of Waynesboro.

The Best Friends Animal Hospital Award for 1st place in Animal Portraits was earned by Nicole
Troup of Waynesboro for Diesel.  2nd place award was earned by Kent Roberts, and 3rd place by
Ruth Durbin.

The Dolbin award for 1st place in Sculpture was earned by Eve Adkins of Waynesboro for Vase
with Flowers.  The 2nd place award went to Hannah Berger of Fayetteville for her Hot Stuff.  3rd
place was earned by Rich Adkins of Waynesboro.

The Modern Artisan/NTK Woodwork Award for 1st place in Collage/Abstract was awarded to Dee
Henry of McConnellsburg for Primeval.  2nd place was earned by Hannah Berger for her Back
Stage, and 3rd, by Mona Fickes of Shippensburg for her Summertime Fun.

The 1st place in the Genre category was presented to Kent Roberts for his Candy Land.  2nd
place was earned by Glen Sabetto for Oslo Market, and 3rd place, by Mary Hickman for Saturday

The LA Cameras Award for 1st place in Photography was awarded to Denny Bingaman for
Elegant Flight.  2nd place was awarded to Nina Sowiski, and 3rd, to Erin Martzluf of

The Bill Davis Memorial Award for 1st place in Drawings & hand-pulled prints was awarded to
Anne Finucane of Chambersburg for her Near Bender’s Pond, Twilight.  2nd place was
presented to Ruth Ann Smith of Fayetteville for Nocturne, and 3rd place, to Paul Saberin of
Chambersburg for his Carnival.

Many high school students earned awards in the Alliance show, with the James Patterson Award
being presented to Nathanael Chastain of Waynesboro for his Trepidation; and the Ralph Snider
Award went to Shayna Jansen of Chambersburg for Charlotte, NC.

The John Heckman D.D.S.  1st place award for student work was earned by Chastain for his
Exhaustion.  2nd place went to Logan Wilhide of Greencastle for Self Portrait, and 3rd place to
Johanna Lassen of Mercersburg for her Christine’s Story.  Honorable Mentions were presented
to Shayna Jansen; Drey Hepher, Kaitlyn Moore and Logan Wilhide of Greencastle; Madaline
Gardner of Shippensburg; and Kayla Heinrich and Laura Mohn of Shippensburg.

Three donor’s awards were presented, as well: the Skip Shull Memorial Award to Kate Reynolds
of Chambersburg for her Study of Books; the SHAPE Award, to Nathanael Chastain of
Waynesboro for his 3 portraits, Pressure, Release and Exhaustion; and the Castlewood Art
Award to Gene Fletcher for Copenhagen.