Located in Downtown Shippensburg
About Our Church
We are the Shippensburg Evangelical Free Church (SEFC)

Our meeting place is at 45 W. Orange Street in Shippensburg, PA


We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00

Our music is a blend of both hymns and praise choruses that are
expressed in a joyful worship style.

SEFC was formed to help people develop a vibrant spirituality and a
life-enhancing relationship with God. You can expect to find:

. . .a safe place to investigate the claims of Christianity without guilt or
pressure. You are encouraged to develop your spiritual life at your own
pace. We'll offer unconditional love, support and acceptance as you do
your exploring.

. . .a different place. We're casual and relaxed. Don't look for pews and
stained glass windows - you won't find them. We operate in a format that
everyday people understand.

. . .a challenging place. Don't expect church as you have known it! You
won't be scolded, subject to boring sermons, or have your wallet
emptied. You will be invited to listen to messages that are
psychologically sound and intellectually engaging. We will honor your
questions and help you to personally experience God's love.
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We are a member of the
Evangelical Free Church of
We're a member church of
the EFCA Eastern District.